CIA Leaks

DEVELOPING… Judy Miller’s out of jail! She’ll be talking to the Grand Jury today. Who knows what kind of back room deals and schemes are being cooked up. [UPDATED] Pontificator over at dailykos has some thoughts on an even more interesting development. [UPDATE2] Interesting take on Judy and Pat’s blinking contest thanks to Editor & […]

MySpace, Facebook, and Digg

UPDATE 2008: So I had my blog criticized today, and decided to make this page my Contact area. Post a comment here or find me on one of my many online locations. My email address is also on as well as other places around the net… such as: Original post: So I set up […]

First Post: About Chris & Heathbar’s Crunch

This site is not very popular. I’m not very popular. I don’t actually post much original content to the blog. You may notice that I basically aggregate links from digg, a popular social bookmarking website. On the homepage my FriendFeed is the main content. You may also notice that my blog has a digg […]