Link Round-Up

  • Digby (rightly IMHO) picks Matt Cooper as the real journalist in the CIA Leak case.

    It turns out that Bob Woodward, who worked hand in glove with the administration to create the hagiography of the codpiece, has known for years that the White House was engaged in a coordinated smear campaign against Joe Wilson. Indeed, he was right in the middle of it.

  • Another Digby link about Woodward.

    We know Libby leaked about Plame to reporters. We know Rove leaked about Plame to reporters. We now know that some other administration figure leaked to Woodward and another one (perhaps the same one) leaked to Novak. What is it going to take for the media to start calling this what it was — a conspiracy?

  • DarkSyde one of my favorites from DailyKos does Atheism in two parts.

    What it’s Like to be an Atheist and Why I’m an Atheist
    They are pretty long, so grab a cup of your favorite reading juice and grab your thinking cap while you’re at it.

    (caution: opening the comments will slow your computer a bit… at least… while it loads the hundreds of comments)

    Personally, I’m somewhere between diest/agnostic and atheism.

  • Last but not least: Go bookmark Crooks And Liars now. You can thank me later, or not.

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