Google Earth Competition from Oct2005

lots of good pix from google earth

9/11 Widow Slams GWB

Kristen Breitweiser found herself widowed at age thirty when her husband Ron died at Tower Two of the World Trade Center on September 11. Along with four other widows (nicknamed the “Jersey Girls”), Breitweiser fought tirelessly for the 9/11 Commission, in spite of initial opposition from President Bush, whom she voted for in 2000. Go […]

Spy Court Judge Quits In Protest

Robertson indicated privately to colleagues in recent conversations that he was concerned that information gained from warrantless NSA surveillance could have then been used to obtain FISA warrants… “What I’ve heard some of the judges say is they feel they’ve participated in a Potemkin court.” also see georgia10’s take on this over at dailykos read […]

Wiretap Mystery: Spooks React

A few current and former signals intelligence guys have been checking in since this NSA domestic spying story broke. Their reactions range between midly creeped out and completely pissed off. PLUS: a 2:07PM update links to Bruce Schneier and Ars Technica read more | digg story web domain list .

Inside NSA’s World

William M. Arkin of The Post delving into the NSA (aka No Such Agency)…”The professional essay writing service fact that we’re discussing this program is helping the enemy,” President Bush said yesterday. Read the whole thing… it’s really good. read more | digg story.

The Chappelle Theory – WTF!!!

An interesting account of what really happened to Dave Chappelle and the fall of his comedy central TV show. Read thoroughly, pretty good piece. … interesting … read more | digg story

Chill Pak : Cool it down. Speed it up.

This has been dugg before, but deserves more than 10 or 13 diggs (IMHO). And for $20 it’s a deal! Chill Pak — Sped Up Notebook Performance submitted by scottwills 301 days ago – Langly from Lone Gunmen Will Keep Your Laptop Cool submitted by raano 159 days ago – Save Your Future Kids With […]

Washington Post: " Firefox Moves Farther Ahead of the Hunt "

“The browser that finally broke Microsoft’s monopoly just got its first major update. If you haven’t switched from Internet Explorer yet, consider Firefox 1.5 your invitation to do so.” I’m a mozilla fan-boy… so I guess the cats out of the bag on that one. read more | 

Senate Blocks Extension of Patriot Act

good news I posted in the digg comments some other links on this story. read more | digg story

Sam Seder

My new hero: Sam Seder puts forth the case for the war on terror.