Look Ma, I’m a Logician!

INTP – “Logician” master of conceptual logic; problem-solver; scientific—desires understanding of universe; designs logical models; seeks precision; introspective; adaptable; tends to excel in theoretical, philosophical subjects; logical abstraction skilled. A little bit about me. Go take the quick test for yerself over at BrainTypes.com

Yeah, we could be making all this stuff up

Whenever we get a story ahead of other news outlets the naysayers crank up to full crescendo and accuse us a variety of transgressions – usually revolving around the claim that we “made the whole thing up.” … In reality, I could be doing just that. But why should I? The bizarre antics of the […]

Washington Post accidentially exposes their anonymous botnet hacker

Thanks to photo metadata, he’s a sitting duck. The wapo story was pretty good. I read it this past weekend, and wondered what the damage would be from this article. Looks like there was enough info to pin point 0x80’s parents house. UPDATE: 0x80 has ‘supposedly’ posted a reply at the wapo “funny is that […]

Shooting Holes :: Part 3

“Now that Dick Cheney has bared his soul to Brit Hume, I think it’s important to consider the following statements;” Links to parts one and two found at the end of the post. (disclaimer: this is not my material, but I am a member of dailykos) read more | digg story


This tool outlines images with text and creates a cool looking effect. It also lets you control the settings. You’ll have to take a screen shot to capture an image, since this is just text drawn on the web page, (AKA: SVG images). read more | digg story

Congresswoman: America Run By Criminal Syndicate

Cynthia McKinney, the only House Representative to stand up to the Bush White House crime syndicate, has gone further than ever before in her efforts to warn people about what the Neo-Cons’ ultimate goals actually entail for freedom in America. read more | digg story

Free software liberates Venezuela

Yesterday I came across this article by David Sugar (titled the same as my diary) (pdf_version). Within Daivd’s story about his trip to Venezuela for the International Forum on Free Knowledge he tells the story of what really happened in December of 2002 when the Venezuelan oil workers were locked out from work. What’s most […]

Email Retention Policy at the White House

It seems that some emails that were subpoenaed (by Pat Fitzgerald) have gone missing and he knows it. ( PDF Link ) The “read more” link goes to digby, who dugg up the retention policies for White House emails. read more | digg story

The No-Spy List (video)

A slightly humorous homemade music video. You can join a mailing list at http://www.progressnowaction.org/page/petition/nospy I thought it was a bit funny… read more | digg story