The Bird’s Eye Tourist

Check out the Bird’s Eye View The about this site page says “This website is the definitive guide and repository for the coolest Windows Live Local locations.” Anyone can submit to them (if you’ve got an email address of course). There’s some cool stuff on the front page right now (soccer fields anyone?) Protests in […]

GOP congressional candidate fakes photo from Turkey as Baghdad

There’s some pretty ‘crack’ investigative citizen journalism going on in this thread over at Daily Kos. Looks like a GOP hopeful in the CA-50 special election to replace the infamous ‘Dukestir’ is trying to pass of a picture of somewhere in Turkey as somewhere in Baghdad proving that there’s media bias about the violence in […]

Why every city council needs at least one geek =]

Great read describing the recent threats toward CentOS “hacking” an Oklahoma city webserver.. And by hacking I mean apache wasn’t configured properly 🙂 Enjoy! This story’s catching on around the net.  Another follow-up by The Register… This story is getting better by the day. read more | digg story

When and how to use internet image formats

What is this guide for? To teach you how to use the correct image formats for the correct situation. I am personally fed up of seeing people use gif for photos, jpeg for Windows screencaps, and other totally inappropriate image format uses. So I made this guide in an attempt to explain how and when […]

Firefox 2 Status Meeting Today

Find out more about the Alpha1 release, and the rest of the development. Looks like the meeting starts at 11:00PST. The pre-meeting notes have a mention of digg: “the thread on dev-themes got dugg, but hasn’t attracted any new contributors to that newsgroup” The Developer Roundtable section also looks to be interesting…. …. I’ll be […]

New Comment System at DailyKos

New AJAX comment system at the political blog DailyKos. Pretty sweet if you ask me. I like the arrow collapse design… That’s something I’d like to see in the digg comments. I won’t hold my breath though. <a href="" How To Breng Your Ex Back Girl >read more | digg story How To Breng Your Ex Back […]

The NCAA Bracket is Filling Up

Duke, Texas, Syracuse, NC State, UNC Wilmington. Just some of the teams going to the big dance. This bracket is only 1/4 full. Keep checking back this evening to see it fill in! read more | digg story

How The NCAA Bracket Selection Works

NCAA DIVISION I MEN’S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURES FOR ESTABLISHING THE BRACKET There are three phases in the process: I. Select the at-large teams (a minimum of 34 teams); II. Seed the teams; and III. Place the teams into the championship bracket. (interesting) read more | digg story

Microsoft does the iPod (video)

YouTube movie I found… after just about everybody else, I guess as this digg was a dupe?  Pretty funny  still, if you ask me, but don’t ask me; go watch the clip. read more | digg story Originally found at DailyKos