Stephen Colbert at the White House

Colbert preformed last night at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. His jokes were hilarious, yet the room full of old white men don’t seem to be laughing. The best part- he’s standing like 5 feet away from the president and he’s totally scathing. Link to torrent. Also at Crooks & Liars read more | digg […]

Ben Goodger justifies why Firefox 2.0 is still worth the 2.0 without Places

A recent front page Digg story complained about Mozilla removing Places from Firefox 2.0. Ben Goodger explains all the good stuff that Ff 2.0 *WILL* have. read more | 

Protest against ATI nearly led to the arrest of RMS

“I looked to my right and there were two of MIT’s police force, taking notes from the faculty member and his assistant. Then there were three police. Then four. And then a plain clothes detective. A very tall, very large police officer quietly asked Richard if he could come outside so that he could ask […]

Geeks Take Down Dirty C-Level Executives – With Email

Two geeks at a small tech startup find out that their CFO and a few other executives are not only planning on selling the company and terminating all the employees, but padding their own pockets with millions and screwing the board of directors/investors. The two geeks take matters into their own hands using linux, postfix […]

Amateur Hacks Into US Military Computers Looking for UFO and Aliens Truth

An amateur exposed security flaws in US governmental computers to unlock the truth about UFO’s and aliens. Sure sounds like they exist. Know he’s going to jail or worse. read more | digg story

Marijuana is medically useful, whether politicians like it or not

In reality, cannabis has been with humanity for thousands of years and is considered by many governments (notably America’s) to be a dangerous drug without utility. Any suggestion that the plant might be medically useful is politically controversial, whatever the science says. read more | 

FANTASTIC Videos about the revolution created by LINUX

3 Great videos about the freedom that Linux creates. Even if you are not a Linux fan the videos are still very well done, especially the first one. read more | digg story

EFF Files Lawsuit Against Bush Admin

EFF has hired two attorneys experienced in suing the federal government under the Freedom of Information Act and plans to open an office in downtown Washington, D.C. A lawsuit currently in progress attempts to force the Bush administration to reveal documents about allegedly illegal surveillance conducted by the NSA! read more | digg story

Air Force One tagged under full security. Video and Statement.

Air Force One tagged by graffiti artist-entrepreneur Marc Ecko. This was done at Andrews Air Force Base while under full security. I have no idea how he did this without getting shot. make sure you read the legal statement: read more | digg story

White House involved in Election Phone Phreaking?

3 convicted of jamming phones to a Democratic get out the vote campaign in New Hampshire. Turns out there had been more than 2 dozen calls between these guys and the White House, all within 3 days of election day 2002. Recently the republican party had paid millions in legal bills to defend these people. […]