Ten Things Your Supermarket Won’t Tell You (Full Story)

“Just like the title says, here are ten ways your supermarket is either aiming to rip you off or potentially messing with your health. Practical information you can use to make wise choices rather than alarmist propaganda. Possibly limited to U.S. supermarkets but still worth reading.” (This is the original article.) read more | digg story

Did Rush Limbaugh’s Doctor Break The Law

“I spoke with the Florida Medical Board and they told me that it is unethical and illegal for a doctor to write a prescription for him/her and then give it to another patient. … By receiving a fake prescription that is clearly in violation of Florida â��s Medical Law, did Limbaugh then violate the terms […]

NASA Launch Controversy

“The Johnson Space Center’s director of engineering said Monday that NASA has removed him from the management team for the space shuttle flight scheduled for Saturday after he expressed support for workers who questioned preparations for the flight.” read more | digg story

Gilliard Demands TNR Disclose Zengerle’s Dishonest Source

If there was ever a case for outing a source, this is it. Here, not only did the source provide phony information, but he (or she) provided a fraudulent document … Moreover, the document was fraudulent in such a way as to maliciously libel a person — Steve Gillard — by attributing words to him […]

Anyone up for paintball?

Paintball will never be the same again You gotta scroll down for the photos! read more | digg story

marKos Takes One For The Team

The 1st Yearly Kos convention over and Vegas blinks. marKos rekons that he’s taking one for the team. Established political forces have been attacking him, while the progressive ‘netroots’ (if you will) keeps on rolling. Here’s some most of the after-action review from the man taking the punches: Mercenaries. Byron York was pissed that he […]

Want to see what a Stem Cell looks like?

The link says it all. It’s pretty amazing if you haven’t seen it before. read more | digg story

Reading Email Headers: All About Email Headers

Intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to the behavior of email headers. It is primarily intended to help victims of unsolicited email/spam attempting to determine the real source of the (generally forged) email that plagues them; it should also help in attempts to understand any other forged email… read more | digg story

PS2 Outselling Xbox 360 in the US

If you haven’t looked at sales numbers for consoles in the US, you may be in for a surprise. Meet Sony’s confidence in context. read more | digg story

The Best Google How-TO Ever

Complete guide to all the most advanced features of Google search. It demonstrates how to easily find & download mp3s and complete albums too.. heh, when will the RIAA be suing Google? read more | digg story