FREE Mac support to solve all your questions. Very useful.

(originally posted 152 days ago by hybam) They have a team of hundreds of tech’s waiting to answer your individual question. Problems solved in hours by someone with first-hand experience with your situation. Or find the answer with a search of their database of over a half-million posts. (i’ve used question/answer a couple times myself) […]

Memos May Link Cheney to No-Bid Iraq Contract

Several documents suggest that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may have lied publicly about the involvement of the vice president’s office in awarding the contract. It will be remembered that Vice President Dick Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton from 1995-2000. In an e-mail dated April 22, 2003… read more | digg story

Video: C-Span’s Coverage of the American Scholars Symposium

Direct C-Span links can be hard to grab since they use javascript, but the above rtsp link should auto launch your realplayer (or realalternativeplayer). The video is about 1hr45min from 6-25-2006. [See also: American Scholars Symposium] read more | digg story

Excellent Data Recovery Tool (OSX, Linux, Windows)

[TestDisk is] an amazing disk recovery program with an easy to use (be it command line) interface. Add this to your pen drive for emergency data recovery. I formatted a partition three times before realizing I had forgotten some important data, and test disk was able to recover the data still. I’ve used it once […]

Leo Laporte posts his thoughts on the “Digg vs Netscape” controversy

From Leo’s blog: “The question is, do the top 10 contributors on a social networking site determine its success or failure? Of course not… Digg is what it is because of the entire community that participates there… Losing any 10 contributors would make no difference at all” read more | digg story

Kevin Rose Responds to Jason Calacanis’ Rant from Netscape

“Jason, I know AOL has given you access to their war-chest, but honestly, take that money and invest it into site development. Listen to your existing community. Think of what your loyal Netscape users must think – you’re essentially telling them that they aren’t good enough and that you have pay better users.” read more | digg […]

Drug War Police Tactics Endanger Innocent Citizens.

You know the drug war has gotten out of hand when Fox News is criticizing it. Interesting opinion piece about SWAT teams and their botched raids. There are links to a Google Map plotting almost 300, and cops killing dogs for their sick amusement in these raids. What really disturbs me is the SWAT officer […]

Rumsfeld Confronted By Soldier Over Equipment Shortages In Iraq (Video)

Yesterday, during a surprise trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was confronted by a U.S. Army corporal who said the vehicle he was using was â��one of oldest pieces of equipment in the country,â�� and that just two weeks before, heâ��d seen a brand new unit in New York City. read more | digg story

How A Scanner Darkly Was Done

This is useful for anyone interested in emulating the look of A Scanner Darkly. Here is an inside look at the artists’ notes. This video is narrated by the movie’s writer and director, Richard Linklater. The Rotoshop software might not be available to the public, but I’m sure one of you Photoshop/video-editing geniuses will figure […]

Olbermann VS O’Reilly: NYTimes

Good article IMHO. Choice Quote: “MSNBC’s research claims that the median age for Mr. O’Reilly’s audience is 71, while Mr. Olbermann’s is 59. (Fox and CNN both report that the only figures they get for median age of shows with older audiences is “65 plus,” and that Mr. O’Reilly’s audience falls into that category.)” read […]