The Hurricane Katrina Hall of Shame

From Bill in Portland Maine comes The Hurricane Katrina Hall of Shame. A collection of quotes. “My eternal gratitude to those blogs, watchdog sites and newspapers—especially Think Progress, Americablog, Crooks and Liars, Eschaton, Media Matters and DailyKos—whose links are still functional one year later. Oh, and God bless Google.” read more | digg story.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Gets PUNKD

They run a story about a Democratic candidate and quote some guy (Estruth) as saying “I wanted to see if he was an executive with clear plans for fixing the state. What I got was partisan talk. He confirmed my worst fears.” Turns out Estruth is a Republican operative. Actually the president of Common Sense […]

Senator Ted “The Tube” Stevens is holding up public Federal $ database

Senators have ways to stymie things. One of the senators most criticized for his personal projects, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has a hold of his own on Coburn’s bill (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act). Apparently this is payback since Coburn opposed Ted’s Bridge to Nowhere earlier. I think the bill is a great idea. […]

Now that the 5th Gen Camaro is official… It’s time to ‘shop!

Pretty long thread with photoshops of what the paint jobs and other variations might look like. Once you get to page 10 and past there are some Pontiacs (that will never see production of course) that look pretty good. Link to a gallery of the concept at an auto show in the comments. read more | digg […]

VA-Sen: Has George Allen (R) ever used the N-word?

Mike (from got to the senator today at one of his campaign stops to as a question related to the senator’s “macaca” incident last week. Mike also asked him about the Confederate flag in his office, as well as a noose. You can guess that Mike was escorted out of the hotel promptly. — […]

Stunt Driving with the Saab Performance Team

The Saab Performance Team at some show in 2005. Cool stunt driving if you ask me. Many other videos available of the SPT just google:”saab performance team” There’s even an official video on the saabcarsusa website. Don’t you wish you could drive like that? read more | digg story

Return of the Libertarian Diggers!

The Libertarian Diggers group has returned! After the original group owner took it offline, Johnson Rice decided to start it up again over at Google Groups. It â��s a group devoted to promoting Libertarian articles and news stories (like those here on HoT) at the uber-popular read more | digg story

Bob Geiger’s terrific recap of the week’s top political cartoons.

Well the cartoon pretty much speak for themselves. I will agree that they’re probably the best of the week because my sides hurt a bit right now from the laughing. But in all seriousness, the future of our Constitutional Republic is at stake. read more | digg story

Ricky Gervais does "The Office" Training Video for Microsoft UK

In case you weren’t familiar with the British version of the popular TV Series The Office, Ricky Gervais stars as David Brent, the manager of a paper firm. Microsoft UK comissioned him and Stephen Merchant (co-creator) to do an internal training video for them, with hilarious results. Done with part one already? Here’s part two: […]

Radiodread: EasyStar All*Stars do OK Computer

This is a link to amazon’s page for the cd where you can listen to clips of all but one of the tracks. This disc isn’t A+++ material like Dub Side of the Moon, but almost that good. A+ or A++ (imho) read more | digg story