Ask A Ninja On CNN (direct asx link)

Got this from the askaninja myspace bulletin. read more | digg story

A Hack To Prevent Traffic Jams!

This amateur scientist has devised a way to singlehandedly reduce traffic jams during your commute. It is golden advice for dealing with holiday traffic. read more | digg story

“Planet Mancow” Fox Show Features Infowars Team Member

“… I only hope that through the magic of editing, I didn’t do anything to harm the 9/11 truth movement, at best we we’re able to get the websites more attention, at worst it might be similar to the Southpark 9/11 episode where we debate whether the beating we took was worth it, just to […]

UCLA Daily Bruin (Taser Editorial)

UCPDs use of force disturbing, unacceptable: “Also shocking is witnessing the male student who was threatened with a Taser after requesting an officer’s badge number. When innocent bystanders are threatened because officers don’t know where to draw the line in applying force to victims, any policy that allows for weapon use should be thrown out.” […]

Senator Dodd introduces legislation restoring Habeas Corpus!

Senator Dodd, a true patriot, has introduced legislation that would effectively repeal the Military Commissions Act. Please call your Senator to support this. With the cooperation of a few sane Republicans, perhaps we can even build a veto-proof majority! I know, but still, it’s worth trying. “We in Congress have our own obligation, to work […]

Sorting Algorithm Comparison (With Code!)

The animations on this website demonstrate how effective a good sorting algorithm can be. Source code in java is provided! Some more sorts to check out: . read more | digg story

Post-Midterm Election Maps (before and after)

As you can see from the “Before” map, it was something to make Karl Rove proud. To get a deep red or deep blue rating, you have to control both senate seats, the house delegation, the governorship, and the legislature – no easy task. Such was the case for the Republicans with 11 states. The […]

State-sponsored massacres outpace ‘terrorism’

Sri Lanka just killed scores of its own civilians in the name of ‘national security.’ From Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Pakistan, to Gaza and Sri Lanka – state run militaries kill more civilians in a few months than any band of terrorists can dream of killing in a dozen years! Actual news article here: […]

How Bush and Cheney plan to escape

via Kagro X @ dkos: Democrats who had counted on taking impeachment “off the table” and depending instead on their plan to expose the wrongdoing of the Bush “administration” will find that they’re once again stuck defending the “nuanced” position… …the separation of powers — a doctrine we were for, before we were against, I […]

BREAKING: Bogus VA voter calls point to Allen campaign

The Allen campaign is tied to DCI, whose operatives were convicted of phone jamming in NH this year, through a campaign staffer, Chris La Civita, and through payments to e-motive LLC of Arlington, Virginia, home of another DCI veteran, Matthew Dybwad. read more | digg story