Goldman-Sach’s $25.84 billion dollars profit

$25.84 billion dollars in profits – an amazing number. Enough to fund a dozen major universities on the scale of the University of Michigan, UVA, Duke. Far more than the budget of NASA. Not enough to pay for the Iraq fiasco, but it’s a start. read more | digg story

Enron’s Skilling won’t have to report to prison – give me a break

U.S. appeals court will allow ex-Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling to stay out of prison while it considers granting him bail, according to a report published on the Wall Street Journal’s Web site on Monday. read more | digg story

Standing-Room-Only As Barack Obama Sweeps Through New Hampshire

The political phenomenon known as Sen. Barack Obama descended Sunday on the state with the nation’s first presidential primary, drawing enthusiastic crowds and trailed by a huge media horde as he continued to stoke interest in a possible bid for the White House in 2008. read more | digg story

Hunter S Thompson – February 2003 Interview with Russert

Full interview Hunter replies to Russert on why the war in Iraq is wrong and crazy for the United States A man ahead of his time. You can hear he didn’t buy the hype like Russert did on going to War. read more | digg story

How to deal with a heckler at a comedy show

Joe Rogan shows how to silence a heckler… Completely owns this woman and until she just has nothing to say… read more | digg story

Names Of Things You Never Knew Had Names

Do you know the names for these? The bottom part of the nose between the nostrils. The metal band on a pencil that holds the eraser in place. The long tail on a graduate’s academic hood. Creases on the inside of the wrist. A holder for a handleless coffee cup. The revolving star on the […]

Keep all google services secure (SSL/https) with this greasemonkey script

For most of Google’s privacy-critical applications, they do provide encrypted secure access via HTTPS. However, Google is not ready to set HTTPS as default since it increases server load. Most other GM scripts that do this reload the page in https. This script forces the https before loading the page for enhanced security. read more | digg […]