Google Shows Pre-Hurricane Katrina Satellite Images

Ironically, the people in New Orleans have been some of the biggest fans of Google Earth as it helped save lives during and after the disaster. And, up until the recent update, residents used the pictures to illustrate damage to insurance adjusters, and to plan reconstruction efforts. read more | digg story

ODonnell 9/11 Rant Reaches 30 Million Viewers

Rosie cialis patent expiration ODonnell is certainly not backing away from her public stance about 9/11, and this morning on The View went on a 9 minute rant about the many questions surrounding the attack, reaching around 30 million viewers in the process. read more | digg story

How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords

Hackers, and I’m not talking about the ethical kind, have developed a whole range of tools to get at your personal data. And the main impediment standing between your information remaining safe, or leaking out, is the password you choose. (Ironically, the best protection people have is usually the one they take least seriously.) read […]

How To Resolve A Conflict At Work

The condensed list: 1.Realize that conflicts are inevitable at work. 2.Handle conflicts sooner rather than later. 3.Ask nicely. 4.Invite. 5.Observe. 6.Apologize. 7.Appreciate. 8.Identify the consequences. 9.Define an objective. 10.Request. 11.Get mediation. Warning!!! If your conflict is with a manager, these steps may not be feasible, especially if the manager is insecure. read more | digg […]

How Police Interrogation Works

Getting someone to confess to a crime is not a simple task, and the fact that detectives sometimes end up with confessions from the innocent testifies to their expertise in psychological manipulation. No two interrogations are alike, but most exploit certain weaknesses in human nature. The real question is probably a much larger one: Can […]

Support The Restoring The Constitution Act Of 2007

The Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, restores Habeas Corpus rights, bars evidence gained through torture or coercion and reinstates U.S. adherence to the Geneva Conventions in order to protect the nation’s military personnel abroad. read more | digg story

My National Security Letter Gag Order

A rare anonymous op-ed column in the Washington Post. The op-ed is anonymous because the author is bound by a gag order from a National Security Letter, under the so-called USA Patriot Act from the FBI which has been in effect for years now. The preface by the editor reads: It is the policy of […]

Massive solar storm coming in 2012

Texts To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back Texts To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back

Wikimedia Chooses Picture of the Year

The award for best freely-redistributable image of the year goes to… (hint: polar aurorae) read more | digg story

How to Get Served Quickly at the Bar

Did you find yourself getting shut out at the bar last weekend for St. Patrick’s? WikiHow has a few suggestions on how to get served more quickly the next time you visit your local watering hole. read more | digg story