Echoes of Watergate, 2001-2007

“Deep at blackcialis the bottom of the present-day DOJ scandals lies a hidden secret.” This viagra or cialis piece of research and analysis is very informative and in my opinion is probably almost if not perfectly correct in it’s conclusions. Skip to the bottom for the Analysis section if you’re short on time. […]

Guess who didn’t go to Iraq

[Friday’s] front page Times of India , Bombay edition. An headline you’ll never see in the U.S. Click here and here for mirrors of the pictures, if needed. read more | digg story

Michael Moore served subpoena by the Bush administration.

On Thursday MM said the Bush administration has served him with a subpoena regarding his trip to Cuba during the making of his new film, “Sicko.” read more | digg story

FOX News: When the news doesn’t fit, flip the party

Once or twice is a mistake, I’m sure the other networks have done it a couple times, but what are are the odds of all this happening by accident? read more | digg story

Bill OReilly's web site threatens life of Senator Clinton

Fox tv pundit Bill OReilly’s internet web site has comments from people threatening to take up arms if Hillary Clinton is elected. The site is not monitored for threats or hate speech. buy 25mg viagra Who’s site is a haven for hate speech Bill-O? read more | digg story

Fox News left their image directory open!

It seems fox news has left their image directory open… and most of the images are no better than your common image macro. [it has been moved so do check out the mirrors in the digg comments] read more | digg story

The Deadly Mistake In The Healthcare Debate

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‘Mildly profane’ Bush ‘Crashes’ Republican Meeting On Iraq.

When he interrupted a Republican meeting on Iraq strategy, Bush was described as “folksy, adamant and mildly profane” as he said “the policy on Iraq isn’t changing” and that “he is not backing down” to anything. read more | digg story

An Open Letter to Michael Moore: Make a Movie about the American Media

“Mr. Moore, This letter is in direct response to your recent open letter to CNN and their subsequent response….Make a movie about the media. Extend our reach on the issue. Bring it to light. Name names and cite sources. Make a scene. Start the discussion.” read more | digg story

Bob Johnson’s 911 call regarding Bill Kristol !!!

This has got clomid price in the philippines to tadalafil online be zentiva sildenafil 50 mg the funniest bit of fiction ever concocted that you’ll wish was true. read more | digg story