Top Five Reasons to not Like Dane Cook

Like you even need five. read more | digg story

6 Not-So-Secret Secret Societies

Here’s a look at some of the most popular, and therefore not very secret, secret societies. read more | digg story


REAL ID killed in 17 states. 33 more to go! read more | digg story

Eliminate the Income Tax and Govt has Same Revenue as 10 yrs Ago

Do today’s tax collections, minus the income tax, really equal the tax collections of 10 years ago? We dug into IRS statistics ourselves and ITS TRUE!! IRS collected $880-billion in individual income tax in 2005. Subtract that from total taxes and you get $1.12-trillion. By comparison, total tax collections in 1995 were about $1.27-trillion. read […]

ABC News Calls Out Clintons for Lies about Obama

The ease with which a former President and former First Lady of the United States of America lie to the American people should disturb us. An ABC News reporter reviews the lies the Clintons have told voters recently about Senator Barack Obama. read more | digg story

Diebold disparities appear in NH recount

In Hillsborough County, Clinton gained 675 votes – a jump of more than 2 percent. The media isn’t reporting anything, or else claiming no problems were found. And the official Web page for the recount seems to be having ongoing technical difficulties. Hooray for democracy. read more | digg story

Ron Paul Takes Second in Nevada!!!

Ron Paul, the “unelectable” candidate took second in the Nevada primary! Paul is the only candidate with a real message, zoloft dosage the only one who supports the Constitution, and the only real hope for America. read more | digg story

Bush considering $800 tax rebate to boost US economy

President George W. Bush’s administration is considering online Zantac an individual cipro flagyl tax rebate of up to 800 dollars cialis back pain as a short term measure to help boost the generic cialis online sagging US economy, a media report said Friday. mexican viagra read generic viagra more | digg story

Exonerated RIAA defendant scores double victory in court

A federal judge has reaffirmed an award of attorneys’ fees to exonerated RIAA defendant Tanya Andersen, while clearing the way for her malicious prosecution lawsuit to go forward. read more | digg story

Mysterious $100 counterfeit bills appear across world

A very interesting read. These “supernotes” zoloft are not just any fake bills, but a counterfeit so perfect it’s become an international whodunit. The online Nizagara only way to distinguish some of these bills, experts say, is to compare photographically blown-up sections with magnifying instruments. About $50 canadian pharmacy million of the mystery money has […]

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