Pelosi calls for grand jury to investigate key Bush staffers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked the Justice Department on Thursday to open a grand jury investigation into whether President Bush’s chief of staff and former counsel should be prosecuted for contempt of Congress. read more | digg story

Earth's 6th Great Mass-Extinction is Occurring RIGHT NOW!

There is little doubt left in the minds of professional biologists that Earth is currently faced with a mounting top selling herbal viagra loss of species that threatens to rival the five great mass extinctions of the geological past. Some biologists have begun to feel that this biodiversity crisis, this “Sixth Extinction” is even more […]

Its OK, I use Linux (pic)

Security Center Mayhem, and hilarity for those who understand. read more | diflucan side effect digg story

McCain Breaks Law…That He Wrote

Tomorrow morning the Democratic National Committee will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against John McCain. Why? In the words of DNC Chair Howard Dean: “We want John McCain to obey the law with his own name on it.” read more | digg story

Awesome picture of lunar eclipse.

2008-02-21 ~ Moon watchers blessed with clear skies over the Americas, Europe, Africa and western Asia enjoyed a total lunar eclipse this week. Catching eclipsed moonlight, astroimager Jerry Lodriguss offers this view of the inspiring celestial event with the shadowed Moon accompanied by wandering planet Saturn at the left, and bright Regulus, alpha star of […]

A Comparative Study of Internet Censorship

Using data from the Global Integrity Index, we put a US court’s recent order to block access to anti-corruption site into context. In summary: This is unheard of in the West, and has only been seen in a handful of the most repressive regimes. Good thing it doesn’t work very well… read more | […]

Fidel Castro Announces Retirement

Cuba’s ailing leader, Fidel Castro has announced he will not return to the presidency in a letter published by official Communist Party paper, Granma. read more | digg story

Dallas Morning News breaks US MSM silence on Sibel Edmonds

The Dallas Morning news published an adapted version of a longer article by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi- commenting on Sibel Edmonds’ case and the failure of the US mainstream media to cover the news that FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, “the most gagged person in US history” according to the ACLU, is now risking prison […]

Majestic View of a Spectacular Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean

Photographed from the International Space Station (Expedition 7) on July 21st, 2003. Many other great photos and images from the space station as well. read more | digg story

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Did you know that there’s a continent-sized vortex of plastic waste blighting the Pacific. read more | digg story