The Government Is Trying to Wrap Its Mind Around Yours

Today, the science of detecting and decoding brain activity is in its infancy. But various government agencies are funding the development of technology to detect brain activity remotely and are hoping to eventually decode what someone is thinking. read more | digg story

Google Tweaked Search Algorithm 450 Times in 2007

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Sweet hypocrisy

So true. view original | digg story

Combat Robot Rebellion Against Human Masters in Iraq

The army’s machine-gun wielding, insurgent-slaying robot SWORDS is no longer spraying foes with hot doom in Iraq. Actually, it never got the chance to notch a single frag, and never will. Apparently, there was an incident where “the gun started moving when it was not intended to move” read more | Damn wish was I […]

Jesse Ventura Talks 9/11 on Hannity and Colmes

Jesse speaks his mind, Hannity tries to speak clear words. read more | digg story