Inside the Attack that Crippled Revision3

Although I can only guess, here’s what I think really happened. Media Defender was abusing one of Revision3’s servers for their own purposes – quite without our usa pharmacy approval. When we closed off their backdoor access, MediaDefender’s servers f buy cheap cialis online reaked out, and went into attack mode – much like how […]

Weezer's New Video With All The Internet Stars!

The new single off their latest album featuring a long list of internet clips and personalities including Chris Crocker, steroids for sale online Tay Zonday, Numa Numa Guy, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, the list goes on and on. A must see! <a buy cheap cialis online href=" buy viagra online com/watch?v=muP9eH2p2PI”>read more | digg story […]

Heat Sensitive Wallpaper

As the temperature rises, flowers bloom on the vines. Not sure if you can buy this stuff or not. For all I know it buying steroids cialis buy could be a hoax, but if it is real it’s pretty cool. read more</ buy priligy no prescription a> | digg story Great supplement and I love […]

Digg Utility: Zuubu

Zuubu is a flash application using the diggapi that winstrol stanozolol allows Diggers to keep an eye on their Digg comments, including whether comments have been dugg up or down cialis canada pharmacy and shows how many replies a comment has received. I have found it to be very useful latel buy viagra online y. […]

Why Generation Y Is Going to Change the Web

Gen Y is taking buy viagra no prescription over. The generation of young adults that’s compromised of the children of Boomers, Generation Jones, and even some Gen X’ers, is the biggest generation since the Baby Boomers and three times the size of Gen X. <a href="htt buy viagra online without prescription p://”>read more | digg […]

Aerial View of 22 F-14D Super Tomcats

Twenty-two (22) U.S. Navy F-14D Super Tomcat fighter jets aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) on March 10, 2006, in the Atlantic Ocean. Photographer: Photographer’s Mate How To Build Muscle cheap viagra online 3rd Class Chris Thamann, U.S. Navy read more | digg story Good quality, will reorder. Cheap generic cialis? […]

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint

The checkpoint bupropion in this video was nearly 50 miles north of the Mexican border, so it would have been utterly pointless in stopping illegal immigration. The real purpose of these checkpoints is to condition Americans to get used to the police state. The real purpose of these checkpoints is to condition Americans to get […]

EBay is broken

It’s Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay. Timothy’s email went on for about two weeks, so we’ve tried to buy cipro edit it for length. read more | digg story Great product!!! Best I have found in several years taking medicines. Buy cialis online? We also dispense your medications from international fulfillment […]

75 Skills Men Should Be Able to Do

A man can be expert in nothing, but he must be practiced in many things. Skills. You don’t have to master them all at once. You simply have to collect and develop a certain number of skills as the years tick by. People count on you to come through. That’s why you need these, to […]

(Ron) Paul Campaign Never Ended, Spokesman Says

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