First Posterous

This is a trial run of the posterous system. Also testing the autoposting feature. The image is of me on my last birthday, hence the glasses. The mp3 is a live version of Foam by Phish, from March 1st 2003 when I saw them for the first and only time. (Great show, btw) And below […]

Impeachement Hearing Vincent Bugliosi Hammers Bush

Vincent Bugliosi’s opening statements during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional limits of executive power. (full video c-span links in the I was advised this interesting site digg comments) <param name="movie" value="ht tp://″> read more | digg story

B-2 Stealth Bomber Crash Scene Photos: Exclusive First Look

After taking you inside the Air Force’s investigation into the crash of a B-2 stealth bomber, has obtained the first still photos of the February accident—and they’re pretty stunning. <a href="http://www.popularmechan”>read more | digg story

Muppets July 4th Video

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flas h” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”344″> read more | digg story