Incredible Video: Drawing a 'Mona Lisa' in 80 Nanoseconds!

At nVision08 the Mythbusters compared a CPU vs a Viagra price GPU and the GPU drew an ACTUAL mona lisa drawing using paint viagra price balls in 80 buy viagra without prescription nanoseconds. watch video | <a href=" buy cheap viagra f/Incredible_Video_Drawing_a_Mona_Lisa_in_80_Nanoseconds”>digg levitra viagra online storyside edffects of prednisone

Twitter + Track and the Goldmine for Business Intelligence

Search is valuable, but track, the lightning-quick realtime stream via IM and XMPP, is gold. Steve Gillmor has to be right; that has to viagra medication be why Twitter has clammed up and blocked viagra online canadian pharmacy generic viagra it off. I guess the only answer is to drill offshore, or thr viagra pills […]

Lightning In Sunset [Pic]

Daily Dose Of Imagery has a ton of approved viagra pharmacy great photos. Shot at Toronto’s Centre Island. A great example of being in the right place at the right time. My sister and I went to the Island after cialis for sale work for some photos and this amazing sunset started to form, so […]

XKCD: Quantum Teleportation

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Slow Motion Lightning Video is Mind Blowing

Well, this is just online viagra no prescription about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a lightning bolt that’s shooting down buy generic drugs online from the sky, shot in slow motion. I’m not sure exactly how fast this camera is, but it’s got to be shooting at a speed faster t Learning […]

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain's &amp;amp;amp;quot;Celeb&amp;amp;amp;quot; Attack Ad

from digg: buy viagra in canada Paris Hilton saw McCain’s attack ad where he uses her image and calls Obama a celebrity so she decided to make a video of her own. See you order cialis without prescription at the debate, bitches. I know lots of people don’t like her, but generic viagra buy usa […]

Why Does Cuil Suck? Here's The $33 Million Answer

From the article: Yes, Cuil sucks. But there’s reason to forgive the company’s epic ineptitude. Cuil is the helpless victim of outlandish Silicon Valley social norms that force net startups into wasting their $33 million in venture capit viagra canada al on strawberries and muffins while giving employees free viagra shop rein to work as […]