Incredible Video: Drawing a 'Mona Lisa' in 80 Nanoseconds!

At nVision08 the Mythbusters compared a CPU vs a GPU and the GPU drew an ACTUAL mona lisa drawing using paint balls in 80 nanoseconds. watch video | <a href=" f/Incredible_Video_Drawing_a_Mona_Lisa_in_80_Nanoseconds”>digg story

Twitter + Track and the Goldmine for Business Intelligence

Search is valuable, but track, the lightning-quick realtime stream via IM and XMPP, is gold. Steve Gillmor has to be right; that has to be why Twitter has clammed up and blocked it off. I guess the only answer is to drill offshore, or thr eaten it. (TWiT Army FTW!) read more | digg […]

Lightning In Sunset [Pic]

Daily Dose Of Imagery has a ton of great photos. Shot at Toronto’s Centre Island. A great example of being in the right place at the right time. My sister and I went to the Island after work for some photos and this amazing sunset started to form, so I quickly put the camera on […]

XKCD: Quantum Teleportation

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Slow Motion Lightning Video is Mind Blowing

Well, this is just about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a lightning bolt that’s shooting down from the sky, shot in slow motion. I’m not sure exactly how fast this camera is, but it’s got to be shooting at a speed faster t Learning Spanish Like Crazy. han x.php/generic-viagra-us/’ title=’generic viagra us’>generic […]

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain's &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;Celeb&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; Attack Ad

from digg: Paris Hilton saw McCain’s attack ad where he uses her image and calls Obama a celebrity so she decided to make a video of her own. See you at the debate, bitches. I know lots of people don’t like her, but I th New: Super High Epc’s ought this was kind of […]

Why Does Cuil Suck? Here's The $33 Million Answer

From the article: Yes, Cuil sucks. But there’s reason to forgive the company’s epic ineptitude. Cuil is the helpless victim of outlandish Silicon Valley social norms that force net startups into wasting their $33 million in venture capit al on strawberries and muffins while giving employees free rein to work as little as they like. […]