10 Questions with Leo Laporte

Wil Harris of Channelflip.com sits down for an intimate Q&A with Leo Laporte from TWiT.tv. Running time about 6 minutes. [this submission to digg was burried for no apparent reason, fyi] <a href="http://www.channelflip.com/2008/09/26/ The Gout Solution 10-qs-leo-laporte/”>read more | digg story

21 Magnificent High Resolution Wallpapers

If you love beautiful wallpapers, check out this brilliant collection of 21 high res wallpapers (multiple sizes in wide-screen and standard) – and psst…there are 4 more equally impressive galleries linked to at the bottom of the post. Free for per Pearly Penile Papules Removal – Brand New Market ~ Hot sonal use, not for […]

Free Sarah Palin and let her speak to the media.

Free Sarah Palin from the sexist treatment of the McCain campaign. Campbell Brown grows a pair and calls the McCain camp out on hiding Palin from reporters. watch video | <a href= “http://digg.com/political_opinion/Free_Sarah_Palin_and_let_her_speak_to_the_media”>digg story,

Abdication by Palin

Opinion piece by the Anchorage Daily News. fastest way to lose weight Sarah Palin needs to speak for Sarah Palin and remove the Washingtonians from the process. read more | <a href="http://digg.com/politi cal_opinion/Abdication_by_Palin_Opinion_adn_com”>digg story,

Bloons Tower Defense 3 – full browser window version (SWF)

I didn’t really like Bloons (the original) but very much enjoyed playing Bloons 2. Now that Bloons Tower Defense 3 is out and I’ve played through the first map on ha rd, I feel that I should share it here on digg. Definitely check this one out. There’s lots of new upgrades to old weapons, […]

MPAA Prudes Force Smith's Zack and Miri Stick Figure Poster

If there is one thing I love, it is the sarcastic nature of Kevin Smith’s sense of humor. He’s not a mean guy, by any means, but he sure does like to bring absurdity to light. In this example, we have the official domestic poster for his upcoming fil m Zack and Miri Make a […]

The MPAA Hates Kevin Smith

The MPAA, the film ratings organization that keeps you and I safe from dangerous movie guns pointed directly at our innocent eyes, recently banned the following poster for Kevin Smith’s upcoming movie, Zack & Miri Make A Porno. <a href Asthma =”http://www.avclub.com/content/hater/the_mpaa_hates_kevin_smith?utm_source=avclub_rss_daily”>read more | digg story

Why 20-Something Guys Won't Grow Up

Today’s 20-something guys are less likely to read a newspaper, attend church, vote for president or believe that people are basically trustworthy, helpful and fair. The percentage of 26-year-olds living with their parents has nearly doubled since 197 0. read more | digg story

Google Chrome, a browser by Google

This had been rumored for some time but now it’s official — Google is working on their own (open source) browser. read more | <a href="http://digg.com/software/Google_Chrome _a_browser_by_Google”>digg story