iPhone vs. The Palm Pre – PATENT WARS?

Apple and Palm kicked a lot of dirt at each other last week — acting Apple CEO Tim Cook flatly told analysts “We will not stand for people ripping off our IP” when asked about competition like the Palm Pre. However, looking at s ome of Palm’s patents, we can pretty much say that Apple’s […]

Linux : The Future Of Linux Desktop : co-Linux On Android.

We’re at the native Linux desktop, moving towards the Android desktop (netbooks coming soon). What would bridge those two environments, is to offer a second Linux sandbox which runs along with Android. It wou ld be really cool if the co-Linux environment itself could be bundled as an Android app. In any case, bundling key […]

IE slips further as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome gain

Internet Explorer now has 67.55 percent of global browser market share, a drop of over seven percentage points in a year, according to figures from Web metrics company Net Applications, released Monday. Mozilla’s Firefox browser, meanwhile, has gained market share in the same time frame, climbing over three percentage points to 21.53 percent. read more […]