A Workaround for the checkbox bug in Google Chrome – or – The Case of the Missing Checkboxes

Intermittently (and with higher frequency lately) Google Chrome has been not displaying the checkboxes on web pages. ┬áThe checkboxes are still there and you can click them, but you won’t know that you’ve clicked them unless there is some other visual clue on the page besides the checkbox itself. This is being tracked as Issue […]

On Microblogging aka Twitter Should Federate

My response (via blog comment) to Robert Scoble's recent post found while browsing the Twitter web interface: #8 is why you don't 'need' twitter as an rss reader – techmems's rss is all you need to stay informed about tech – for that matter, substitute mashable, thenextweb, technologizer – twitter's only 'needed' unless you want […]

Semantic Phone Tag

My response (via blog comment) to Harry McCracken's recent post on Technologizer, found via FriendFeed: I've never had a landline (that was my own – that i paid for). I grew up with one, but when i went to college i eventually got a cell phone and never looked back – and don't really see […]

Late night CookOut

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