Possible, Plausible, Probable, Proven

I surfed across this post on Rober Philen’s Blog, ‘Anthropology, Culture Theory, and Cultural and Political Commentary’ this morning titled: Possible, Plausible, Probable, Proven. Pretty interesting, if I don’t say so myself. The terms do reflect an ascending order of probability (and a nested one – anything that is plausible is also possible; anything proven […]

Happy Independence Day

Took some pictures of the Battleship USS NC fireworks ;-P See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from heathbar’s posterous

6 Not-So-Secret Secret Societies

Here’s a look at some of the most popular, and therefore not very secret, secret societies. read more | digg story

The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us

Our humanity has been compromised by those who use Gestapo tactics in the Iraq war. The longer we stand idly by, the more we resemble the “good Germans” I’ll repeat what I said in the comments on digg. My respect for Frank Rich has greatly increased due to how he sources his article with links. […]

New Radiohead album In Rainbows … pay what you think it’s worth

Pay nothing if you like. Interesting experiment… read more | digg story

First US Report on Blackwater shooting outsourced to… Blackwater

A Blackwater contractor wrote an initial U.S. government report about how his colleagues killed Iraqi civilians in a September shooting that strained U.S.-Iraqi relations. Darren Hanner, drafted a two-page “spot report” on the letterhead of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which outsourced positions to Blackwater and another private firm. read more | digg story

The Canadian Dollar is Officially Worth More than the American Dollar

Not since decades ago has the Canadian dollar been worth more than the American Dollar, a sign of changing times? More like a sign that Bush is failing America. read more | digg story

It’s Official, Bin Laden Tape a Fake!!

“In analyzing the video, Neal Krawetz of Hactor Factor, an expert on digital image forensics, said in his latest blogs that the video contained many visual and audio splices, and that all of the modifications were of very low quality.” Good Job MSM! Maybe we will see a retraction on page 32. read more | […]


The top 10 big stories the US news media missed in the past year read more | digg story

Repeating Propaganda

I love how this one starts out. I didn’t even need to dig up many different speeches to show the ‘repeating propaganda’ An example of Propagandist Techniques at work to manipulate the populace and instill fear to achieve political aims. read more | digg story