Ever seen ZoSo the Led Zeppelin cover band?

So the Downtown Wilmington Inc (a public/private organization) puts on free shows every Friday during the summer. A portable stage is set up on the riverfront in front of the federal courthouse. The USS North Carolina is moored a block or two up river on the other side creating a great backdrop for the concert […]

Rob Ronner Live at the Reel

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Rob Ronner Live at the Reel

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Live at Reel Cafe – Rob Ronner #ilm

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Best of Bootie 2008

The best mashups of 2008 compiled and mixed by cheap cialis online DJs Adrian & the Mysterious D. Every year they do this and every year its pretty good. Also check out the baker’s dozen of bonus tracks that didn’t make the 80 minute continuous party mix dis c. read more | digg story

Judge tells record labels to cough up download expenses

A federal judge has ordered the RIAA to divulge its expenses it has incurred for each of the 38 songs cited in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Defendant Marie Lindor hopes to convince a judge that the damages sought by the RIAA are unconstitutionally excessive. read more | digg story

Radiohead signs ‘conventional’ record deal with XL

Radiohead have signed a deal with British indie label XL Recordings for the physical release of ‘In Rainbows’. read more | digg story

Trent Reznor splits from Universal Music, goes completely independent

No doubt as a reaction to all the bad press he’s been giving record labels, Universal/Interscope has relieved Trent Reznor of his contractual duties. As of today, Nine Inch Nails is working without a useless money-grubbing middleman and going straight to the fans. The revolution continues… read more | digg story

New Radiohead album In Rainbows … pay what you think it’s worth

Pay nothing if you like. Interesting experiment… read more | digg story