Where have I been lately and what have I been up to?

First, let me apologize for not updating/posing in over a year. Second, follow the jump for a selection of photos that I’ve taken with my iPhone 4S using various apps (360 Panorama, AutoStitch, and Camera+)

Beautiful Photograph of Volcano Erupting at Night – Just WOW!

The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador erupted last year and thankfully an excellent photographer was there to capture this awesome pic. read more | digg story

6 Sexy Sports Cars Big Oil Doesn’t Want You to Buy

These are our favorite “green” sports cars. Some get awesome gas mileage while smoking the competition, and others use advanced bio-fuels to eek out ever higher performance over their gas-guzzling brethren. Big Oil doesn’t like any of them, because they all mean one thing: if you buy them, Big Oil makes less money. read more […]

Biologist Thinks Origin Of Religion Is In Our Heads

Wolpert is an eminent developmental biologist at University College London. He thinks human brains evolved to become “belief engines.” Toolmaking made us human, and similarly, early hominids felt compelled to find causes for life’s great mysteries, including illness and death. They came to believe in unseen gods and spirits. read more | digg story