The Dollar Vote & The Minute Vote

I ran across a great comment on digg tonight. I came across the comment, by user p0ss, at the bottom of the comments for the Project Censored Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008 (They do a yearbook and the stories are for the previous year… lots of people on digg were hung up on the 2008 thing.)

I slightly edited it and put it inside the following block-quote, kind of like a frame for a nice picture.

  • In a situation where representative democracy has been usurped by a corporate oligarchy, it is safe to assume that political measures will be largely ineffective.
  • In such a situation individuals are still left with two important votes.
  • The dollar vote, and the minute vote.
  • The dollar vote is our ability to influence the world around us by deciding in every moment what reality is worthy of our dollar, and hence our support.
  • Unfortunately we are at a massive disadvantage as a wealthy minority controls the vast majority of the dollar vote.
  • The minute vote is the time we spend in each minute of our lives, and it is incredibly powerful.
  • Doing volunteer work and talking to people about important issues both have an incredible impact on the nature of your reality.
  • While the amount of dollar votes you can attain each week is wildly variable, the amount of minute votes each individual has is exactly equal.
  • Each week I have 1000 dollar votes and 10,000 minute votes, but a person who was 10,000,000 dollar votes each week, still only has 10,000 minute votes.
  • Each week we spend the majority of our waking minute votes trying to attain dollar votes, and by and large we are bought rather cheaply.
  • The remaining minute votes are incredibly powerful, but we waste them on distractions.
  • There are far more of us than there are of them, as such our minute votes vastly out weigh their minute votes.
  • That is the key to overcoming them.
  • We must spend our free minutes wisely, and urge others to do the same.
  • Give your time to worthy causes, and the world around you, the reality we all inhabit, will become noticeably better.

Thank’s for the perspective p0ss,

If anyone knows of any other musings on this topic please post links or thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Loved this selection, also.

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